Feb. 28, 2022

The Personal Party Podcast - "Whats Next?" Ft. Dj Self Episode 055

The Personal Party Podcast - "Whats Next?" Ft. Dj Self Episode 055

On episode 55, radio personality DJ Self kicked it with The Personal Party Podcast for a classic one for the books. DJ Self reflects on his upbringing in Brooklyn, NY (3:30), being employed as Mos Def’s DJ for Rawkus Records (7:05) and recollects his very first paycheck from the music industry (11:05). DJ Self describes his transition from rocking turntables to radio hosting (19:00), he further explains the undertone of beef between NYC radio stations (26:30), and talks meeting Cardi B as an up-and-comer (32:45). Also, DJ Self spoke on his record label “Gwinin Entertainment'' and signed acts such as DreamDoll (37:00), whether television gave him leverage at Power 105.1 (44:15) and explained the difficulties of DJ’s breaking upcoming New York artists (50:30). Later, has music streaming forced radio DJ’s to be more experimental with their music selections? (56:10), spoke on his tensed situation with Nicki Minaj (1:01:15), DJ Self’s go-to records (1:12:05) much more!

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