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Better than before

I hear him steady improving as time goes on.

Style Wars

Style Wars , definitely one of my favorite non-music related guests Episodes , I wish I could have been in that room for the topics of discussion . Shouts to Smoke & Show another great Pod in the books fellas .✌🏾

One time for Show Broadway!

Season was DOPE! Season 2 starting off a lil rough but Show holds Smoke down and I love it. Real recognize real


We’ve needed a podcast from DZA for too long!! He has always been a such great guest on other’s podcasts, it was long overdue.

Legendary Podcast from a Legend




Tony P from Louie V

Man i love this podcast! Just what i needed. 💨


Show Broadway a mf foo 🤣 Keep the content coming. Smoke dza da kush God foreva


Smokie is one of the best lyrically so you know as a certified wordsmith this is right up his alley… Glad to subscribe!


Been waiting for years for Smoke Dza to do a podcast. Thought Bodega Bamz would be on it. Thought it would be about wrestle but Im here.

Gary Foods

Just saw your Ig Story about your homie passing away as you were getting this podcast off the ground. I hope you look at this review every time and remember that should add to your motivation to keep doing this. Great first 2 episodes 🙏🏾


Super dope ! Rich blanco , Show Broadway & The Goat Smoke Dza got a dope show right here. I just sparked 2 and listened to the whole thing 🔥🔥🔥🔥