April 8, 2022

Big K.R.I.T - "K.R.I.T Is Here" - The Personal Party Podcast Episode 60

Big K.R.I.T - "K.R.I.T Is Here" - The Personal Party Podcast Episode 60

Episode 060 of The Personal Party Podcast has Big Krit come through for a classic dialogue. Krit shares meeting Smoke and Johnny Shipes on his first visit to NYC (5:55), the creation of legendary Krit records (15:30), becoming a baseball athlete (25:23) and which athlete represents Krit’s musician ship (29:45). The Personal Party get into Big Krit’s view towards Hip Hop coming from Mississippi (32:55), Memphis Bleek reaching out and inquired about signing Krit (39:20), what it was like to have Bun B on “Country Shit” (41:55), and his experience at Def Jam (49:35). Afterward, Big Krit explain how he manage to grab a BB King feature (57:45), Big Krit’s unforgettable dinner with Spike Lee (1:03:15), 2011’s elite XXL Freshman Class (1:10:03), and an incredible Smoke DZA story starring Big Krit (1:15:02). Later, talks about DJ Wally Sparks (1:22:01), how Krit became the performer he is today (1:33:13), and meeting Nipsey Hussle (1:40:35). Smoke DZA bigs up Big Krit’s latest album “Digital Roses Don’t Die” album (1:43:38), Smoke DZA & Big Krit speak on their joint album with Wiz Khalifa called “Full Court Press” coming soon (1:51:00), recalls working at Blockbuster during Netflix’s surge (1:55:25), and Gem of The Day (1:58:30) and much more!

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